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It is said that in order to find the right opportunity you have to know the right people.

I was introduced last Thursday to Justin Glover and Glen Hopkins.  The company is Ignition and i have to say it is the first opportunity that i have seen in a long time worth spending any time with.  I have come up with 3 main reasons why this company rocks!

1) The founders Justin Glover and Glen Hopkins are honest and 100% committed to helping everyone succeed.  I spent 4 days with them at the Ignition Summit over the last 4 days in Arizona.  The time that they spent with us was not only in a small group of no more then 30 but a lot of 1 on 1 time.  In the evenings they had fireside chats where all the deep dark secrets of how to make it on the internet came out.  They even brought in 3 other Internet Marketing Gurus to assist them in the most powerful education that i have had in my 45 years of existence.

2) The complete business in a box concept that they have come up with is with out a doubt a game changer.  Nothing left to chance or figure out the system and funnel is solid and converts 3-4 times better then any other funnel on the internet today.

3) The training and support is probably what i was attracted to.  These guys and there track record speak for themselves.  You can attend any live events that they have around the country or you can go on any one of the many webinars both live and recorded.

Now i can talk all day about this great company.  I want to give you access to a Free
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Hanging with Justin Glover.  Great Guy!


September 17, 2013


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